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Transforming your thesis into a book: week 1

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Godefroy, François, 'Le Jongleur Pitt, soutenant avec une loterie l'équilibre de l'Angleterre et les subsides de la coalition', 1794, BnF.

Godefroy, François, ‘Le Jongleur Pitt, soutenant avec une loterie l’équilibre de l’Angleterre et les subsides de la coalition’, 1794, BnF.

This week has been very much about remembering the nuts and bolts of my thesis, re-reading it, typing up notes I’ve made over the last year and a half, reading the books that have been piling up, doing a sweep of new books that might be relevant to my research, and so on and so forth. I’ve also been busy on the application front, for funding and conferences.

It’s wonderful to know that I finally have the spare time to attend conferences without having to use up my precious holiday days. On the downside, being in the no-man’s land means that you have to pay full-whack for conference fees and without the support a full-time position gives, there are very few places you can apply for conference funding. Wonderful as it is to see so much support for Postgraduates, it would be a huge financial relief to see more opportunities for help for ECRs too.

Overall, it has been a busy week, not least as it’s my penultimate week in Oxford so I also have to juggle making time for friends and tying up loose ends alongside my other creative projects (giving a reading in Reading tonight for instance, and planning my one-woman poetry show). I remember relishing the variety of my projects during my PhD, but I must admit that after a year and a half of 9-5, my sudden freedom is something I’m still learning to adjust to.

My plan to work on one chapter a week did not work out, mostly as I realized there was extra reading and research I wanted to delve into first. I have high hopes for having something more concrete to report by next week however (if the move doesn’t get too much in the way of course!)…. Fingers crossed!


  1. Hey Claire, have you seen the list of ECR funding sources here: http://www.history.ac.uk/history-online/grants/source?sid=79 Most of these are postdocs but some seem to be just research/travel grants. Good luck with it all!

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